I’m free to write

Being an author doesn’t mean you stand still or rest on your laurels – it’s an ongoing project 😀

Writing Life

Wonderful bilingual students in Argentina and their dedicated teacher, interacting through Google+

In the good old words of The Rolling Stones, today I’m celebrating that I’m free to write what I please. Thinking about my writing journey and the many little things I accomplish day-by-day, I’m definitely grateful that I chose to be an independent author.

Today I got to visit three classrooms through Skype, in different parts of the United States. That means that I reached over 100 children in just one day, and the message was clear: Write. Read. Imagine.

Today I got to visit with the illustrator for the new children’s book I’m crafting: A Superpower for ME, and received two wonderful illustrations. I’m so pleased with the way this book is coming together!

Today I got to work on the re-writes for a new middle grade story I’m working on, a story that touches the theme of immigration in…

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4 thoughts on “I’m free to write

    • It is a perk not having to leave my own house. But, believe it or not, scheduling isn’t that easy. Teachers are swamped with things to do and grade during the year, so it takes a lot of back and forth and organization skills to be able to schedule. Luckily, once teachers realize what a wonderful effect this visits have over their students, the process gets a little easier. 🙂

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