#Read about Guest #Author Phyllis Moore

Phyllis Moore
I’m originally from Southern Louisiana and have transplanted to Minnesota. It was not a direct drive north. I’ve lived on all four sides of America and a few states in between. I like to travel and plan to do more.

I’m a full time author. It’s too easy to spend all my time at home on the computer writing and marketing. I make a point to spend time with friends and

I joined Meetup, a website that posts social groups in the area. I go to at least one Meetup a week for walking, biking, gaming or photography. I like to stay active.

I get ideas in my head that I need to get out so it doesn’t get too cluttered. As soon as I clear my head, more ideas come in.

Where do all these Ideas come from? I see something or hear something and I think, “Is there a story?” “What if . . .?” The cold winters of Minnesota inspired my first novel, Pegasus Colony.

I’m also a member of a few writing challenges. They keep my mind active.

I planned to publish with a publishing house. Everything I read about self-publishing said it was a lot of work. I’m not afraid of work; I just didn’t think I could do it.



But to make a long story very short . . . I decided to self-publish. Instead of going by CreateSpace or any other similar kind of website, I started my own publishing company, Myth Rider Publishers. And yes it is a lot of work, even more that I anticipated. To my surprise, I’m up to the challenge. I hope to one day publish other authors’ books, but not now. I’m in the learning process and am not accepting submissions.

I strive to produce a professional book from cover and interior design, to professional story editing and copyediting, to marketing.

Once I know what I’m doing, and can prove my worth, then I’ll open up and seek out new authors.

I also like to read and watch movies.

Besides working on a novel, I also like to blog. I’m on WordPress, not just for writing and posting, I also enjoy the community. I’m part of several writing and photography challenges and have made many virtual friends.

It would be fun to travel the world and meet a few of those people.

Right now I have only one science fiction book, Pegasus Colony.

Minnesota weather can get as low as -30F. After a couple weeks of extreme cold and wind chill at -60F, 26 above is balmy. I created a world where winter is so severe, all the oceans freeze leaving open water only at the equator.

Earth sent over 2,000 people to colonize the planet. But living on an alien planet physically changes the colonists. (This is not horror story.)

I had to research biology and genetics to make the physical changes sound feasible. It’s not a terribly technical book. I wrote it to the level of my understanding so that others would also understand. Yet I did need to get the science as close to accurate as possible.

You can read more about the book in greater detail at my website, where you can meet characters and read the beginning of the book.

Website Moore’s MythsBlog MythRiderFacebook Moore’s Myths

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