Author Marketing Tip – Author Website Must Have Elements

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Marketing Tools For Authors - 003 copyAuthor Website Must Have Elements

An author website has a lofty goal: it needs to not just be, but also needs to perform and respond.

No longer just a fancy, static, online business card, it is an author’s ‘home base‘, a marketing and networking hub and a portal that allows communication to flow between an author and his or her readers.

Visiting an author’s website is one of the leading ways that book readers support and get to know their favourite authors better. The stronger the relationship, the more likely zealous advocates will spread the word about the author to friends, family and peers.

And website visits can translate directly into books sold.

Therefore, even if you are on social media or actively promoting your work offline, operating without a website is just silly. Why invest the time and energy in writing your book, getting it published and…

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8 thoughts on “Author Marketing Tip – Author Website Must Have Elements

      • Thank you but progess is an onward march, it never stops, so neither should we. Really, I need to change to another style but I’ve tried so many and they all look crap with my existing content! And if I change, I may as well go over to .org, but I’m not sure of going it alone. Im struggling to get book 3 written never mind a major blog overhaul! 😨

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        • Going to .Org wouldn’t be good from the POV of me or others being able to reblog your great posts Ali.
          My workaround that are linking posts that don’t do quite so well in encouraging visitors to the originating blog – mainly because the Originator doesn’t have a chance to lure them in with even an extract of the content
          I mustn’t copy and paste any of their content. I’ve been bitten by bloggers I did that with, copyright protection issues – even though it increased their visitors.



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