10 Ways to Find Editing Services on a Budget

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Number 11.

Check out the 16 Professional Editors

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Kate M. Colby

Finding the right editor is like finding someone to date. It takes patience, resourcefulness, and sometimes, just plain luck. There are dozens of ways to find editors online, and the first editor you find may not be the right fit for your book, or the two of you may not have good chemistry.

As if sorting through the editing pool were not difficult enough, when you are putting out your book on a budget, things get even tougher. It can take a long time to sort out how to balance your needs with your budget and figure out which editor or editing service best meets that balance.

Again, while there are dozens of ways to find your right editor, here is a short list of ideas to get you started and keep prices low. Please keep in mind, this article is only about finding editing services, not the average costs or what…

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