Little libraries form future minds

Support YOUR local Library – It could be another Marketing Tool if you donate your book(s) to it – and if you can persuade them to display it/them as a newly received book(s) by a local author… 😀


rieger library

nancy drew

I see a lot of authors here on Word Press and I realized how very hard it is these days to get hard cover books published. Part of the problem is that with Kindles and other Ereaders they have gone out of favor. I doubt very much real books will disappear but it is crucial that we get young people involved in reading specially in areas that don’t have the money to support public libraries. Meet the Rieger Memorial Library, Haskell, Oklahoma.

It is interesting how I became involved with it. I as many of you might know live in the borough of Queens part of New York City. Just about as far from Haskell as you can get. I have never been there but would like to visit one day. I digress. One of the good things about Facebook is you can get to know some really good…

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4 thoughts on “Little libraries form future minds


    I was disappointed to see news reports recently about the US president “giving away” thousands of free ebooks to children of low-income families. Ummm, if the families are low income, then what are their children supposed to read these fabulous ebooks ON? Not everybody can afford an e-reader or a tablet, I think, so why not give money to the libraries where anybody’s children can read anything completely free?

    Chris, feel free to delete this if you think it’s inappropriate. 🙂

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    • It’s a great point Susan – in fact, if the article is read carefully, this fact is alluded to…
      We must not forget that in the ‘Poorer’ or ‘Less salubrious’ areas of Inner Cities worldwide, the ONLY way Kids (and many adults) get to read, are books from their local Library…

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