What recognized qualifications do I need to become a published writer?

Great advice from a veteran author 😀

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This is a long post aimed at all current writers and those waiting in the wings, so please bear with me.


A couple of days ago while perusing the latest posts on Facebook, I came across one that my friend and fellow writer, Stuart Aken, had found on a question and answer site called Quora (Google it if you want to find it’s location). Along with a couple of others in the game, Stuart and I added our comments to a query put forth by someone, on the subject of which qualifications were needed to be able to become a writer and to break into the publishing world – Click here to read it.

Together with Stuart’s initial comment on Quora, the ones John Yeoman, Karen Wolfe Whitchurch and myself added on Facebook, hopefully helped to back up Stuart’s views, and to quash the ridiculous notion once and…

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5 thoughts on “What recognized qualifications do I need to become a published writer?

  1. I would not waste time submitting manuscript to publisher. One shot in a million. However, inspirational stories seem to have a particular appeal these days and one might pick up on such. Self publish is expensive but that’s what I did and found createspace/amazon books the cheapest. My 100 full color cartoon book is expensive to produce and just text would be at least 75% cheaper so I cannot charge very much and get 87 cents royalty per book. I learned a lot and this was good training. I will save money and be more efficient next time in submitting draft. Despite a loyal following on my cartoon blog, dozens and dozens of well wishers and over 1,700 followers I have sold a dozen or so books. But at least I published – I did it and most never get that far.

    This was a step. So was my cartoon blog. I was hoping just for some occasional tweets from followers now about my book and then to create a chain of notifications but that never materialized. Ironically you have to be published to get published. I would recommend entering some of the writing contests esp short stories and poems. Might have some luck with that and one can begin to assemble a little “I’ve been published ” portfolio that may serve as an intro letter to a publisher. I would recommend after having finished manuscript sending only proposal letters with just 2 or 3 pages of manuscript to publishers. Most will want some sort of set up fee and that is a real racket, a money maker for publishers, especially those who will publish anything to soak you. In any event, a person should be prepared to make substantial investment until you may be one of the lucky ones to get discovered. Writing short subject articles for journals and magazines is another way for a novelist to establish some credentials.

    One very very prominent cartoonist was gracious enough to give me some advice and related that there are relatively few cartoonists that make a living from their work and that if I made as much as $2,000 a year I should consider myself very lucky as a newbie. So keep writing and keep the day job.

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