Do You Love Your Book?

Does this sound familiar to YOU? 😀

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My first book took the longest time to write because I spent a lot of time angsting over every tiny little detail of it, and backtracking all the time, although angst or not, I loved every step of the process. These days I write much faster. A couple of times though, I’ve started a story and it’s taken days just to get a paragraph down. I’m a stubborn old mule though so I generally used to try and persevere, and force myself on. Not anymore though. Even though I’m one of the write every day tribe whether you feel like it or not, and I do write every day, I don’t see any point in carrying on with writing something I don’t love just because I started it.

It got me wondering how many writers try to force themselves to write something that they really don’t want to write, thinking…

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2 thoughts on “Do You Love Your Book?

  1. Ok now this is interesting. If I don’t like what I am writing, I stop, put it down, leave it alone and if I can’t find a way to write it so I like it I simply disregard it altogether. Everything I have published so far I love. That does not mean they are perfect or cannot be improved, but the stories, the ideas, the narrative techniques, the way the scenes are framed, the world the characters inhabit, I love it all. If I didn’t, I simply would not write. I don’t believe that the artist is above his or her own work, that they always have to stand back and cast a critical eye over every single detail, determined to see it as a stranger does, like a painting you’ve seen for the first time and you know nothing about until you see it. It’s simply not possible as the artist to disconnect yourself from your own work entirely. That’s what editors, proof readers, critics and publishers are for. The readers will either love it, like it or ignore it and say nothing. But when a perfect stranger buys your book and takes the time to write a wonderful review without asking for anything in return and then email you to tell you how much your book meant to them, well that is what it’s all about. You can love your book, for sure, but if it is good enough, someone else will love it even more than you do.

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