15 Reasons Why I Muted You On Twitter (And Other Rancor)

Many have spoken, but few pay attention…
People like myself, Tara and MANY others will not stop telling you to STOP IT until you DO stop it – Capiche?

Tara Sparling writes

Many bloggers have written many blog posts containing many points regarding the many things authors should not be doing on Twitter if they want to sell their books (there’s a mathematical formula in there somewhere). So, why should I add to it?

Well. Because it’s quite obvious that nobody has been bloody listening; that’s why. (Another reason is that having alluded to this post a number of people asked me to publish it. So now.)

Fine. You Don’t Understand Twitter? Get Off It, Then

Before 2011, there was a window – for about 45 minutes, one Tuesday afternoon – in which people (authors especially) had an open forum on Twitter upon which to promote themselves. During this time, pretty much any old tweet could gain some traction. Some did very well out of it. But times have changed.

There are now too many folks tweeting mindlessly, and too much. And the result is the equivalent of an ad agency trying…

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7 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why I Muted You On Twitter (And Other Rancor)

  1. Guilty as charged, but still learning the art of what to post, how often and when to best post. The problem is, there are now few avenues available to reach your audience without seemingly flooding the internet with snippets of your craft. I now limit myself to ten or so tweets per day (it varies) and try to match my hashtags to the post itself and keep the audience in mind and not overuse other people’s hashtags, sticking mainly to the ones I have claimed (by virtue of the fact no one is using them lol) myself. Anyway, there is an art to this. I rarely block people or mute their tweets because I understand how tough it is to reach your readers. I think variation and something interesting go a long way. 🙂

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      • No, I never plead, beg or ask people follow for follow or like for like. If I like something I “like” it and if I want to follow I do so. I expect nothing from others. But when they do something or re=tweet or like or post or follow that in itself is a good reward. I try to offer posts that have intrinsic value and are attractive, creative, bright and even different. 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh, yes! My Twitter feed is FLOODED with screaming people. I didn’t know I could mute, but I’ll go ahead and do it now. With so many people yelling ‘Buy my Book’ I miss on valuable content.

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