The Literary Robots Are Coming!

YOUR thoughts on this?

K Morris - Poet

Back in January I wrote a piece of flash fiction entitled “Robert” ( In that story I imagined a robot capable of producing works of literature on a par with those of Tolstoy and Dickens. While browsing the internet yesterday I came across the following article which reminded me of Robert, ( Should authors be worried? I have my own views but would be interested to hear from fellow authors and readers. Should we authors all jump off the white cliffs of Dover before the machines come for us?


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9 thoughts on “The Literary Robots Are Coming!

  1. The robot would first have to appreciate another’s writing before it can write something that isn’t formulac. Once that happens, human writers will find robots in their audience and robots will find humans in theirs.

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  2. Thanks for the reblog Chris. I feel sure that if one digs deep enough into the murky world of conspiracy theories which populate the dark corners of the internet, one would discover those who claim that this is already happening, that such and such an author didn’t really write that book. It was, in fact written by a machine. I do, of course have my tongue at least partially in my cheek … Kevin

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  3. It’s like E-books, we publish them and read them, but it will never replace a hardcover that you can feel, smell… it hits the heart and becomes like a love affair. You don’t know the author in person, but page by page you’re in a relationship with him or her. It’s hard to do that with an algorithm.

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  4. I’m not sure robots will be able to create much more than something basic. They’ll never be able to experience the feeling humans in love feel, or create the atmosphere of a foggy road in London with the street lights glowing because it can’t see things in the way we can.
    I say never, but at least in my lifetime I think.

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