Author vs. Writer

Do YOU agree or disagree? 😀

Authors and writers are one and the same, are they not? After all, your favorite author is the genius writer of your favorite novel, right? You may be surprised to learn that some professionals dislike being labeled a writer because they are, in fact, the author of a literary work. Confused? Let us help.

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12 thoughts on “Author vs. Writer

  1. I do agree there is a difference between creating a story and writing for a client. I do both – working for clients creating website and promotional content, while writing my own stories in between. I’m about to publish my first book and I found that the process of writing it was entirely different to that of working for someone else. So yes, there is a difference – it is subtle but it is there. However, if someone asks what I do, I say I’m a writer. It’s easier than going into a big discussion about the difference between the two terms! 🙂

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  2. Funny. I just wrote a little post about this for my blog next month. More about what denotes a ‘successful author/writer’ though. I’ve come to realize that everyone seems to have their own definition of these terms.

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