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Read Faces of a Small City! Too pushy? Sorry…I’ll start again.

Paul Stears HeadshotHello, my name is Paul Stears and I write because it is the only thing that comes naturally to me besides breathing. That’s how it feels anyway. I am no good at painting or maths, I don’t enjoy thrill seeking and I certainly could not be a lawyer. That is why I wrote my novel.

I published it using Amazon’s KDP and Create Space services, which I think is kind of cheating, but we have to start somewhere and who wants to go through those 20 no’s to get to a yes nowadays?

I studied Film at university in Canterbury, Kent, UK, a city I love and the setting for my novel. I plan to write a trilogy of novels set in Canterbury but that is in the near future. In addition to writing I love film (Scorsese, Allen, Kubrick). I also enjoy reading, music (listening not making) and coming up with awful puns.

faces 3 booksAs for Faces of a Small City, it is a coming of age, romance, comedy, drama story with a bromance thrown in for good measure. In a word, Faces is about youth. I began writing it in 2011 and finished it in 2014. It is about James and Maisie, two twenty something’s destined to be together, if only they could find each other between the struggles of trying to be adults.





You can find it and me at the following links:

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Also, please check out this You Tube video of yours truly:

Thanks for reading.

Please buy Faces of a Small City and give a review; I’d love to hear what you think.

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