New #Goodreads Group for the #Blind and #Visually Impaired

Author Loretta Livingston has started a special group on Goodreads and sent me this message…

Hi Chris.

I’m wondering if any of your friends here with audio books might be interested in a new initiative I am trying to start on Goodreads.

Free Audible Vouchers for the Blind and Visually Impaired

A group to provide offers of Audible audio book vouchers for blind and visually impaired readers.

All authors welcome, and any reader who is blind or visually impaired and would like the opportunity of free Audible vouchers.

Readers, please note, the authors here would appreciate reviews but reviews are not obligatory.

Authors, please do not chase readers for reviews.

This is a brand new group and will need a little help to get off the ground, so please help spread the word.

Thank you.



16 thoughts on “New #Goodreads Group for the #Blind and #Visually Impaired


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