Pirate eBook Site Threatens Anti-Piracy Firm Over Bogus DMCA Notices

To read this VERY entertaining and interesting article, click on the image or link below:



11 thoughts on “Pirate eBook Site Threatens Anti-Piracy Firm Over Bogus DMCA Notices

      • Yes, very good! This situation reminds me of “Spy vs. Spy” – Let’s just hope they eventually take each other out. And I had to chuckle at their “cover-your-arse” explanation of their illegal downloading: Legal Issues – Like any large community website, in rare instances, copyrighted material gets uploaded to our website. To protect copyright holders we have developed a very comprehensive DMCA system, you can read about it at our legal page.

        Oops! Now just how did your copyrighted material manage to be downloaded to our illegal site? If you don’t want it there, simply fill in this handy-dandy form and we’ll be sure to make your life hell by infecting your computer with a virus and selling your email address!

        Thankfully, my two eBooks are not listed on this site.

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