Editing vs. Proofreading

AUTHORS – In case you need to know – and don’t forget to pick up their linked to free REVISE VS. PROOFREAD VS. EDIT INFOGRAPHIC 😀


In today’s world, we often interchange words with similar meanings. As time slips by, the distinctions between these words begin to vanish. One such example is that of the terms “proofreading” and “editing.” These two words are interchanged so often that we find many clients thinking our editing services are merely proofreading services. So, is there really a difference between editing and proofreading, or are we just different? Believe it or not, there is a clear distinction between these two tasks; understanding this distinction is crucial, especially for independent authors.

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3 thoughts on “Editing vs. Proofreading

  1. Interesting. I would understand confounding the different editing services (inline, copy, developmental) but I believed no one could possibly consider proofreading as being the same as editing (the first being the last in the polishing process tasks before publishing).

    So the “Believe it or not” comes as a shocker 🙂 Like, “believe it or not, red wine is different than white wine”

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