#Women #Authors in TSRA’s Hall of Fame (So Far…)


Out of the 387 Authors in my

Authors Hall of Fame

239 are Women

and here they are

10313420_10201663942595390_16286258340327527_n aa1 ad alana-munro1 alex-rutherford ali-isaac ali-pfautz1 alison-jack1 alysha-kaye angela-graham anita-clenney anita-dawes-01 arlene-lagos ashlee-north author-photoauthor-photo1-for-chris author-picture barbara-silkstone becki-ford belinda-frisch-2 belinda-g-buchanan blanca-beauty-bar-9-2 bonnie-angel-wings brittany-t-cuenin carlene-havel Carol E Wyer carole-p-roman catherine-johnson caz-greenham-01 ch-01 cherie-vause cheryline-lawson chris-kuhn christina-johnson christine-corretti1 christine-meunier christy-birmingham claire-bridgeman cropped-wendy-headshot-3-copy-2 cynthia-leitich-smith cynthia-reyes d-m-robinson1 dava-sobel deeann-frye deedee-andrews2 dellani-photo-dark-2-super-crop diana-stevan-01-2 dianne-horsfield donna-mcdine dr-richa-saxena dsc03204-1 dvl03 dyane-forde-01 e-me2-24-13-lean eclogoeileen-slovak ek-02 ekaterina elaine-pereira-01-2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA elle-casey ellie-stevenson elyseweb emiliecarolnoellegranger-9-2 ew-brooks-photo fiona-tarr-02 florence-osmund florence-witkop g-g-collins geraldine-evans-small-picture giselle-m glynis-smy grace-peterson gw-2 gwen-bristol heidi-peltier helen-valentina-logo helena-fairfax-photo-2 hilary-webphoto2 img_20150211_180212 iphoto-for-email j-garcia j-p-reedman jami-gray jan-sikes jane-dougherty jane-routley janelle-clay janet-l-loftis janice-spina jaq-d-hawkins jayden-woods jaye-marie jbg-02 jeanette-vaughan jeanne-rogers jemima-pett jennifer-higney jennifer-paetsch-2 jez-s1 jf2 jomarshall-author-photo1 jr1 judith-quate-01 julie-mcsorley-04-2dmc-mirian1k-lane-pendarvis-01 k-t-bowes-01 kaelah-mickelle kandy-k karen-ingalls kate-thomson1 katherine-langrish katie-hamstead kc kelly-kittel kharis-macey kim-defforge kimberley-patterson1 kj-2 kl02 kplovv-2 kristy lak-2 laura-a-lord lauren-klever1 laurie-r-king leisel-01 lily-scot-avatar lindsay-edmunds linzebrandon-author-photo lis-williams lisa-bilbrey lisa-miller ll1 lorinda-j-taylor lorraine-reguly lowri-thomas luciana-cavallaro lucy-pireel lwmaggie-tideswell malia-ann-haberman Digital Camera maria-matthews mariana-llanos marianne-jones marie-lavender marion-lovato marta mary-clark mary-j-schiller mary-spaid mcbeaton_web_pic mdrg-01 me-now meg-dendler-1 mel-c-j melissa-barker-simpson-01 melissa6-portrait mg michelle-cornwell-jordan michelle-proulx3 mira-prabhu ml-02 ml-sharp mtmcguire my-headshot my-profile-picture nancy-jardine nancy-lynn-jarvis natasja-hellenthal1 new-pic-for-books nicki-chen nyla1 olga-godim orange-2 p1020241 pamela-beckford-01 pastedgraphic1 pattimari-face patty-2 paula-cappa1 peggy-bartlett petie-mccarty philippa-rees1 pi-barrington pic-02 pippa-dacosta1 prof-pic professional-jpeg profile-pc-9-7-2013-jpegrebecca-douglass rebecca-moatz rj-crayton rosen-trevithick1 rosie-gardening-2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sacha-01 sally-cronin-01 samantha-warren sandra-miller1 sara-bain-01-2 sarah-baethge sarah-henshaw se seyi-sandra-david shannon-peel sharon-williams sherri sherry_soule_author_photo1 sherry-alexander-2 shirley-mclain-2 sibel-hodge sk-nicholls stephanie-crosby stephanie-dagg stephanie-elmas stephanie-flint sueperry susan-elliott susan-m-toy susan-navas tcsouthwell2_smaller tina-frisco tokie-laotan-brown-colour tracee-ford traci-lawrence tricia-drammeh-011 twitter-pic-2 up1 valerie-ormond-and-chance vashti vicki-wilkerson-1 victoria-zigler viv-drewa w-l-sexton

52 thoughts on “#Women #Authors in TSRA’s Hall of Fame (So Far…)

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to women/on behalf of women authors and including me, Dear Ape. Proud to be in this number. May I have a Hall Pass? I want to go outside and play. It’s GORGEOUS here in St. Louis today!

    Best to you all!


    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yaaay! And I’m one of them! Hooray for Girlpower! That’s a very interesting statistic… and must have taken you ages to post all those pics, especially with your fingers and thumbs lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Chris. This is an impressive collage you’ve put together and I’m proud to be included. Your efforts to promote authors on International Women’s Day and throughout the year are very much appreciated.

    Liked by 2 people


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