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IMG_20150211_180212Hello my name is Kimberly Robinson Green, but my family and friends simply calls me Kim.

I am the Director and Owner of the Christina’s Preschool Academy. My passion is teaching and working with young children in the Early Childhood field, I can’t seem to get away from children, and I mean that in a good way.

I’ve been working in the Childcare field for over 20 yrs, my mother Christine Started the family business, and later retired and passed it over to me. I’ve watched her through the years, provide many scholarships, love and support for hundreds of families in the community. My mother always taught me to do what I do from my heart and look for nothing in return, for the greatest reward will be from God.

As the years has passed, I find myself repeating the same pattern my mom did, and it feels great!

I also have a passion for fashion and designer hats, you can blame that on my Mother, she owned a high fashioned boutique for years and at the age of seven, I was modeling hats, jewelry etc. I also tend to be pretty creative with my hands, I love a challenge to make anything, just say the word…and it’s on!

29ea08bI consider myself a very passionate person, I love people and I always have my hand in something. I’ve been married to my best friend David Sr. for 22yrs I call him my BFF, because I can tell and share anything with him and he supports me no matter what. We also have three wonderful sons together.

On any off day, you will find me at home spending time with my family. Surprisingly I am very much a home body and I love to go for walks and watch home movies. Outside of writing!

Back in 2006, I learned that I loved too write and began to start writing just to pass time away. I started writing small little articles that only I could see, In 2007 I began writing a self-help book gearing towards encouraging others. It wasn’t until the passing of my Father in 2011, trying to channel the pain I was feeling in losing him, my passion for writing really kicked into gear.

My dad and Mom had been married for over fifty years, and I had to keep it together for her, so too much crying around her was not an option. So I picked up a pen and began to write, writing was therapeutic for me. I was able to cry through my writing, with me channeling this energy towards my book I was able to complete my debut novel titled: Her Cry-Her Prayer – Her Praise.

book cover image

I consider it an honor that God graced me with this gift, writing to me is an art and you are in control of everything concerning it. You can write about something that’s true, or you can create your own characters and give them life, and to your readers they become real people.

Book PNG
My book, Her Cry-Her Prayer-Her Praise is a story about a young girl named Thelma McKinney, who is raised in a very conservative home. Her father is a Baptist Preacher and his reputation is held in high regards in their small town. Being the Eldest child, she is always expected to cross every “T” and dot every i, she begins to go through several up and downs as most teenagers do, the problem is, because of her families reputation she doesn’t feel as if she has an outlet to tell or even reach out for help. So in a nutshell this story is about finding hope in a very dark time, and the transcendent and transformative power of faith. Giving hope and encouraging other’s to have the courage to overcome life’s obstacles!


I wrote this book because I wanted to send the message to others to “Not give up” There’s been so much negativity in this world, but there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. I will be releasing another book titled: Encouraged to finish this year, and I anticipate on enjoying more of this field of writing, for years to come!

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8 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author Kimberly Robinson Green

  1. I read Kimberly Greens book. Excellent book. I experienced every emotion as I took this journey with Thelma. I was able to relate through personal .. congratulations Kimberly!!! I look forward to read more of your work .. blessings

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