How To Protect Your Blog, by Hugh Roberts


Hugh Roberts and Woodland Gnome of Forest Garden fame

have combined to give this excellent article

Please take time to read it,  follow the links provided

and then take appropriate action to protect YOUR work online


Forest Garden



Hugh Roberts is a true blogging friend.  Not only an extremely generous and warm-hearted soul, Hugh is exceptionally clever about the nuts and bolts side of blogging.  When I discovered my posts plagiarized by an Aussie web site a few weeks ago, Hugh immediately offered support, a healthy dose of shared outrage, and then some very practical advice.

Loyal readers and I had a number of good conversations after that episode through the comments, emails, and even some phone calls.  It heightened our awareness of how vulnerable our work remains when published online.  That is when I invited Hugh to write a guest blog for Forest Garden, giving solid technical support to help all of us with things like watermarks,widgets, disclaimers, and copyrights.  February 20, 2015 hearts 004

Hugh has come through in fine style, and I hope you will enjoy his guest blog post today:


How To Protect Your Blog


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16 thoughts on “How To Protect Your Blog, by Hugh Roberts

  1. As I commented at the original post, I understand that copyrighting is necessary for people who want to limit the sharing of their content by requiring that a potential user ask for permission before using content. When I’m looking for an image for a post that I’m writing, and see that an image is copyrighted, I have to want it REALLY badly to be willing to contact the copyright holder and ask for permission. I usually get no response unless I have a personal connection with the owner.

    I prefer using Creative Commons Licenses. You can choose one that is almost as secure as copyrighting — the user can share your work instantly, but must do so within the restrictions that you set.

    I display my Creative Commons license statement at the bottom of my blog page, since that is the customary place where copyrights are usually found. If I ever have a problem, I will probably display my notice on a widget up front and center 🙂

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