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Sacha 01My name is Sacha Black. I am, like many of you, an aspiring author. But I am also mother to a one year old, a wife and full time worker bee. I am currently also a student at the Writers Bureau, and a qualified Nail Technician. So I really struggle to find the time to squeeze in writing. Which is one of the reasons I blog. It forces me to write. But it also enables me to draw together a series of really useful writing tools, which I take pride in sharing.

The aim of my blog is to share with fellow writers, bloggers, novelists, authors and any interested parties all the knowledge and tools I am gaining on my journey to being published.

Sacha 03I write short stories, flash fiction occasionally poetry, but my true passion lies in writing novels. I am currently 53K into my first one, and it has taken over all my brain bandwidth! Mostly I write fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi or apocalyptic fiction, but I have been known to dabble in other genres.

My blog holds lots of free writing resources, which are continuing to grow daily. I have several writing series, which aim to help, educate and provoke discussion around all things writing. Currently I am running four series

The Crafting Characters Series

The Reading Like a Writer Series

Writing Tips – This is on going

Writespiration – This is also on going

I have two others in the pipeline.

The first is a series where I interview published authors and ask them for their insights on their writing process. The second is a series dedicated to understanding the craft of creating a fantasy world – for fantasy and sci-fi writers.

I take requests for series and blog posts too as I thoroughly enjoy researching anything and everything to do with writing.

Sacha 02The idea for my book came to me when I was nine. I’m twenty-eight now and I am only half way through, so hopefully at some point before I retire I will finish it! I have always wanted to be a writer, I just forgot temporarily. I was that kid who read so many books I had to change libraries. It was the natural career for me to choose. But life got in the way, and I lost myself, and my dreams.

But three years ago I picked up the pen again and started blogging. A year after that a familiar character started nudging at the back of my mind again, and so began the WIP I am currently working on. I am aiming to have the first draft completed by then end of summer. Which really means the end of the year!

It’s called The Guardians Saga, and book one is called Bound.

Eden is a royal from the East Quarter in the Netherworld. Her parents are brutally murdered on the eve of her 17th birthday. As a result she inherits both her parents power and becomes the guardian of Earth before she comes of age. She gets sucked into the life of being a guardian including being ‘bound’ to both her enemy and the love of her life. She has to race against time to discover who murdered her parents, and break the one of the bindings before the delicate balance between their world and ours is irrevocably damaged.

You can follow my novel progress or find out more about me at the following places (I’d LOVE to hear from you):

Blog  – Twitter  – Pinterest

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49 thoughts on “#Read about Guest Pre-published #Writer / #Author Sacha Black

  1. Sacha is such an inspiration to fellow bloggers, authors and writers. She shares loads of helpful advice and tips as well as gives bucket loads of encouragement and support to people like me that still have so much to learn 🙂

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    I there is ever a moment when you wonder who to follow in blogging land – never fret I have the answer! (And so does Chris at The Story Reading Blog. ) Who am I talking about? Our very own Blogger’s Bash organiser, one of the stupendous gang of four: Sacha Black. Her blog is awesome, full of amazing writing tips. Do follow her you won’t regret it. 🙂

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    Head over to the Story Reading Ape and if you have not yet met Sacha Black you should do so.. her blog holds many informative posts on blogging and writing and she is also one of the team that organises the Bloggers Bash Awards in London ..June 10th 2017 is the next one so follow her and keep up to date on the details.

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