#Authors #Bloggers #Readers #Visitors and #Followers PLEASE UPDATE YOUR #GRAVATARS

I’m sorry to say it again, but this bears repeating…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

WHY?” I hear you all groan…

Because we bloggers LOVE YOU ALL

and would LOVE to visit you back at

YOUR blogs / websites / online places.

This is not just ME asking – see what these other great folks are saying:

A must read if you want your Gravatar to work for you!

Add your website to your Gravatar.com site . . . PLEASE!

Authors-Set Up your Web Presence.

For an example

see MY Gravatar HERE

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13 thoughts on “#Authors #Bloggers #Readers #Visitors and #Followers PLEASE UPDATE YOUR #GRAVATARS

  1. This is great advice Chris. If you are busy and visit someone’s profile to find there is no link to their blog you are, from my own experience liable to move on so the blogger misses out on a potential follower. Sometimes it is possible from someone’s profile to work out their site even though it isn’t specified. I have done this on occasions, however I shouldn’t need to do so. Kevin

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