HELP My WordPress Screen has SHRUNK! – HOW TO UNSHRINK IT!


Got an email this morning from my good friend author / blogger Susan Toy who uses WordPress:

I’ve just done something in WordPress that I can’t seem to fix.

I was typing up a new blog post for Reading Recommendations and hit the wrong key.

My screen suddenly went to a teeny-tiny type face and I can’t seem to get out of it.

The entire site has gone small on me, but not so for the rest of the sites showing on my computer.

Do you have any idea what I may have done and how I can get the screen back to normal again?As I’m using Firefox, its easy.

Fortunately, another good friend Author / Blogger Jack Eason had already hit this problem last year and had the answer:

I use Firefox so its easy.

If they go to the very top of their screen. they’ll see the following:

File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help.

Click on View, then go to Zoom.

Click on Zoom in as many times as they need to. 😉

PS – IT WORKED for Susan 😀

NOTE from TSRA – Even if you don’t use Firefox, this may work on YOUR browser – it doesn’t hurt to try (I HOPE lol)

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