How do I get more followers on my blog?

The 33% rule for blogging is a good one, ie.,  33% gathering followers, 33% writing, and 33% socialising and interacting.

Because my blog is an Authors Promotion Platform, I spend about 50% researching missing information and formatting author submissions, 25% checking out other blogs for interesting and relevant articles to reblog, 20% socialising and interacting and 5% gathering followers 😀

My thoughts on a page.

Why are some blogs more successful than others? Where do they get all their followers, page views and visitors? Why do some wonderful writers have so few followers, while others with less well written blogs have  so many?

Most new bloggers will google this endlessly, (probably second only to “how can I make money from my blog?). The number one answer they will read is “write good content”.

Well listen up new bloggers. That’s not strictly true. photo credit: <a href="">Annie Mole</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Content is not what makes a successful blog, although it will make you more successful than others. No, in my opinion what makes a successful blog is the many different things a blogger does before pressing publish, and the efforts they make afterwards “off blog” to promote their post.

What do I mean?

Well firstly imagine you have written a post. Does it have a catchy title, feature photos, and begin with a…

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12 thoughts on “How do I get more followers on my blog?

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. It’s full of good advice. I think I spend only 5% of my time blogging. The rest is reading other blogs, socializing, and formatting posts for Authors to Watch. I definitely need to be more consistent with my blogging.

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