Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again

AUTHORS – Kristen hits several marketing nails squarely and firmly on their heads – please read this article – then get yourself in front of your potential readers by doing Guest Articles (Not Buy My Book Pitches) on my blog and the blogs of others who feature and promote authors – the more effort you put into this, the more ‘online presence’ you will have to point publishers to (and for them to find when they Google your name)
And do it in a measured, long term way – not a frantic one off flurry everywhere!

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We’ve been talking a lot about social media lately and I am always grateful for your comments and thoughts. This kind of feedback not only helps me improve my blog, but my also books, because I get a glimpse of your worries, weaknesses, fears, loves, and strengths.

As a teacher/mentor/expert, it’s my job to address those fears and put you at ease or reinforce when you’re headed the right direction and give you tools and tips to take what you’re doing to another level.

There’ve been some comments that have piqued my attention lately. Namely this notion to give up on social media completely to write more books (out of vexation for the medium and the task).


Social Media is a TOTAL Waste of Time

Write more books instead of tweeting or blogging. Social media is a giant time-suck better spent writing great books.

I don’t know how to…

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5 thoughts on “Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again

  1. I have spent the past three years establishing my presence on all forms of social media. Countless hours have been spent posting, tweeting, blogging, re-tweeting, sharing, re-blogging…well you get the picture. Has it paid off? Without a doubt! Great blog and very well written. I hope every author pays attention. Thank you, Chris, for sharing great information, as always.

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