Who Reads a Blog?

I’m always hoping that visitors READ rather than SKIM my blog posts – especially since they are introducing Authors and giving GREAT information and advice from those who have much more expertise than me
So when you’ve read ALL of Chris’s article, why note check out the rest of his (and mine)
GO ON you KNOW you WANT to
Take food and liquids with you on your journeys of exploration and ENJOY! 😀


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Writers love to write.

Blogging is a great fit.

Write as much as you want for your blog.

You might even attract Followers.

They might even Like what you write.

But do they actually READ your blog?

No, I’m not talking about people who press the Like button without even looking at your post.

(WHAT? People actually do that? Oh, the horror…)

Rather, I’m talking about people who do click to view your post, who scroll all the way to the end, who spend a good amount of time on your page.

Those people, do they actually READyour post?

(Well why the #$%& wouldn’t they? What else would they be doing, picking their noses? Ugh. Don’t smear that junk on my blog, please.)

Actually, it’s very common for people who ‘read’ a blog to SKIM it rather than read it.


Not everyone who…

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6 thoughts on “Who Reads a Blog?

  1. Hi Chris liked it a lot and tried to compliment you on achieving lengthy string of comment from skimmers and readers.
    Have reposted to blackheathdawn f/b site

    Liked by 1 person


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