How Amanda Hocking sold 1.5 million on Amazon: I’m revealing the secret!

AUTHORS – the part I like particularly is…you need to act like a human being and not a spam bot 😀

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You might have heard of Amanda Hocking, the indie superstar who sold 1.5 million on Amazon and got picked up by a big house and signed a movie deal for her Trylle Trilogy.

This is the exact quote from her explaining how her sales exploded after the book bloggers spread the word:

Then in June, something truly magical happened. I discovered book bloggers. I had no idea such people existed. They just read books and write about them. And I don’t mean “just.” These people take times out of their busy lives to talk about books and have contests and connect with followers and writers and other readers.

These guys are honestly my heroes. I’m a little in love with all of them.

I asked several if they would be interested in reviewing my books, and most of them said yes, even if they didn’t generally review self-published work.

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9 thoughts on “How Amanda Hocking sold 1.5 million on Amazon: I’m revealing the secret!

  1. SRA I really wanted to like Amanda’s work, because she is such a great embassador for Indie authors, but honestly, I thought it was awful, and couldn’t get past the first few pages. I was so disappointed! Especially as I have ready some bloody fantastic Indies who get no credit for what they do. But yes, the advice about being a decent person etc is spot on.

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  2. Thanks a lot for reblogging! A lot of book bloggers are very irritated with the spam bot behavior, I think if we spread the word wide enough, the number of authors acting like that will be reduced.



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