Meet Guest Author Holly Lyne

Let me start by saying what a fantastic platform this site is for authors. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to shine a light on our work.

249I’m Holly; author, mum of two and total geek. I love all things fantasy and sci-fi and share Gene Roddenbury’s optimistic view of what could lie in store for the future of humanity; the elimination of poverty, an era of cooperation, and the chance for all people to pursue their dreams. 

I when not home educating my gorgeous boys, or enjoying my favourite TV shows and movies, I listen to a lot of rock music, and enjoy reading books from several genres, from dark fantasy to non-fiction books on parenting and education.

I’ve always been a writer, I think I must have been born with the drive to tell stories in my blood. I got distracted along the way with trying to do what others expected of me, but finally found the courage to dedicate myself to writing in my late twenties when Echoes of the Past wouldn’t stop rattling around inside my brain. I knew it was a story that had to be told, I needed to share it with others. So I gathered together all of the notes and snatches of story that I had been tinkering with for nearly five years already, and began turning it into a series of novels. I can’t take all of the credit, the story was forged among friends, during one of the happiest periods of my life, and I owe them so much for weaving together the people and places that form the foundations of the series.

I looked at all of the publishing options and fairly quickly decided to self publish. I really wanted to share my books with other readers and knew that pursuing the traditional publishing route it could take years to get the work out there, if ever! It’s hard work, as a self publishing author you have sole responsibility for the whole process, and I soon learned to outsource some aspects of it to the experts, so I hired an amazing cover designer, Nathalia Suellen, and wonderful editor, Zoe Markham.

The first two books in the series have been well received, and holding a print copy of the first, Seeds of Autumn, was one of the proudest moments in my life. The series explores the protagonist’s ongoing struggle to balance her humanity with the beast inside, and her search for answers as to who and what she is.

Seeds of Autumn

seeds_coverAriana Yates wakes in the night with a real snake bite on her arm, and horrific monsters fight in the darkened street outside her window. With her nightmares bleeding into reality, she fights to resist the changes that are draining her body.

When she finally relents, a whole new world opens up in front of her; a world that is equally terrifying and fascinating. She is welcomed into a new family, and discovers that the city of Caerton is home to a host of shape-shifters, who guard the veil between the world of humanity and the realms of deadly demons and inhuman fae.

Ariana must adjust to the radical changes in her life, and struggles to balance her humanity with the beast within, in the midst of a hidden, war-torn world. Mysteries unfold and tensions mount in this, the first instalment of the Echoes of the Past series.

Ghosts of Winter

GWDeep within the city of Caerton, shape shifters hide in the guise of humans, secretly fighting to protect them from the unimaginable demons that threaten their world.

Caerton’s newest shifter, Stalker, faces an uncertain future; as her pack struggles to cope with their devastating loss, dark forces begin to mass in the shadows. Tensions with the Witches continue to threaten the north, while the young shifters desperately strive to determine which of the city’s elders they can trust.

As an ancient and deadly evil emerges from beneath the city, Stalker and her new pack face a frantic race against the changing face of the moon. Can their demonic enemy be defeated? Heroes will rise in this, the second thrilling instalment of the Echoes of the Past series, where creatures from our darkest nightmares stalk our world…

The Storm Riders’ Vigil: An Echoes of the Past Short Story

Fire Talon is facing one of the greatest challenges of his kind: to have a baby and keep her safe. His choices are limited and sour. When his pack, The Storm Riders, come face to face with demons from the sea, the chosen of the Greek god Poseidon, they must defend the city of Caerton against this very great danger. Will Fire Talon be able to protect his family? What will he have to sacrifice?

The Storm Riders’ Vigil is a short story in the Echoes of the Past series, intended as a companion to the main series of novels.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to find out more, you can follow me on the links below.





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