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KOBO READERS – Reader reviews are BACK at Kobo! So no excuses, get YOUR reviews in 😀

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Reader reviews are BACK at Kobo!

As authors know, reviews definitely help readers decide whether or not they are going to buy a book or download one of your free titles. Reviews add credibility because it means not only that someone actually read the book, but that they took the time to comment on it.

Reviews appear below the Title and Series Title fields (as seen in the image below)

TheColorofHeavenReviewThe Color of Heaven by Julianne MacLean

And then, the details for the ratings and reviews appear below the Synopsis and the “People who read this also enjoyed” carousel. Reviews can be sorted by the following criteria: Most Helpful, Newest, Oldest, Highest Rated, Lowest Rated. Customers also have the option of denoting a review as helpful or not as well as reporting reviews that need to be double-checked.

TheColorofHeavenReviewExamplesCustomer Reviews – details



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8 thoughts on “Reader Reviews

  1. Reviews may or may not help in sales but from experience I can tell you that they encourage the writer and take the feeling of being all alone away. Every writer needs that feeling and it helps them learn their craft.

    And Robin. Thank you. I try to respond with a comment on every review I get for my works. Some authors have been told it’s not good to thank a reviewer but I totally disagree.

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  2. I read voraciously, but need to be better about posting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I usually remember to do it when Rosie Amber gives me a book to review or I have something profound (duh) to write about a book on my blog. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. This year is the year I’ve finally kept my New Year’s Resolution about my return to reading books. I post my first review in January of this year and so far I’ve posted 54 reviews, 44 of which have been done since the end of August when I declared myself to be a Book Review. I DO NOT ACCEPT any requests to review a book. I go to GoodReads,com and look for other sites which are offering FREE BOOKS as a prize in a Giveaway [I prefer REAL BOOKS I can hold.] If a book looks interesting I’ll enter the contest, if I should win, then I’ll read and review the book [totally random selection process. The only other books I review are those written by fellow members of a support group I belong to:

    My current reviewer ranking on is 53,477.

    If anyone would be interested in reading my reviews go to:

    THANKS and have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families. !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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