Tidbits for History Writers: The Value of Spices

Enrich your Historical Fiction stories – Veronica tells you why 😀

Veronica Bale's Blog

I have written before about how to work historical detail into your historical fiction. It’s one of my favourite subjects, in fact. I love those sparkling, seldom known tidbits that make a book both educational and fun. So I’ve decided to write about them in a series of posts. I hope you like them as much as I do.

If you love medieval history, then you know that spices were expenses. They were a status symbol, and for rich lords wanting to show off their wealth, spices flavoured everything … though we may think of certain flavour combinations as odd nowadays (I, too, love cloves, but I don’t necessarily think they should go in everything).

Thing is, from the way many historical fiction novels are written, we don’t quite get a sense of just how expensive spices were, and that is because they were in everything. Because they…

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