Can a GENIUS thrive in today’s self-publishing world?




By genius, I don’t mean as measured by an IQ or any other kind of test.

I mean qualitatively, someone with an exceptional natural ability.

(Look up the word in a thorough dictionary and you might be surprised at some of the definitions of this word. I received a little vocabulary lesson.)

There are many different ways that one could be a genius writer.

  • There is one kind of genius who masters a particular writing style, and there are many different kinds of writing.
  • Then there is a genius storyteller.
  • There are geniuses when it comes to characterization.
  • Or the genius could be about content knowledge and the genius writer could be someone who is sharing that knowledge.
  • Or it may be a teacher who is a genius in terms of communication skills and instruction.
  • How about a genius in the visual arts who is creating an illustrated…

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