Guest Author Maureen Gregory pays another visit to the Treehouse

Going Solo

Maureen GregoryI was walking down the high street of my local town, a market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands. As I passed a bookshop I glanced in the window. A book by the well known author Phillipa Gregory was on display, next to it was a novel by the unknown debut author Maureen Gregory – that’s me!

At that moment, as I walked past the shop, I knew the choice I had made to go solo was the right one for me. I have to say I did walk past the window several times!

I would like to share my experience with you, and outline the reason why after initially signing with an indie publishing company I decided to re-release Beware the Seventh Wave as a self published novel.

Before making the decision to end the contract with my publisher I had to weigh up several issues. My main concern centred on distribution, getting the orders out there to the correct addresses at the agreed time, with adequate packaging. Although as I write this I only have one published novel, the release of my second novel is imminent, with a third and fourth on the way, leaving more room for confusion on my part.

After some research I came across FeedARead. This UK company ticked all the boxes.

So why bother to change when I already had a contract with an indie publisher. The answer is bookshops – traditional English bookshops on the high street, or tucked away down a side street. The publishing company I was with was based in the US, and their main priority was online selling. As such I was unable to negotiate a viable discount for bookstores in the UK where I live. This was disappointing as a local bookshop owner had contacted me to say he had orders for the novel.

I believe there is a place for online selling, and many people, including myself benefit from buying online. However, to my mind nothing compares with the experience of visiting a bookshop, walking down the aisles, picking up the books, turning the pages. There is a certain feel unique to bookshops, a sense of nostalgia among the rows and rows of books, each with its own tale to tell.


Do these names conjure up an image for you? They do for me.

Picture Book, Chapter One, Ebb and Flo – The owners of these traditional bookshops have been more than helpful with advice and encouragement. I feel proud to have my books on their shelves. 

I would also like to mention Waterstones – a large UK chain, yet they still retain the feel of a local bookshop. I contacted local branches and again, the managers could not have been more helpful.

My novel is now available in several outlets, including Waterstones, Amazon, and direct from my own website. I have also uploaded the book to Amazon KDP. All in all, I think I have most bases covered.

Going solo was a big step for me, but it has been a satisfying experience, and so far it has gone smoothly. 

I have launched a new website to coincide with the re release detailing news, events, and plans for the future. please feel free to contact me with any question or suggestions.

You can also find my Guest Author article on the Story Reading Ape’s blog HERE.

Thank you and best wishes


Website   –  Author FB page

Barnes & Noble   Waterstones



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7 thoughts on “Guest Author Maureen Gregory pays another visit to the Treehouse

  1. Very encouraging – one problem in my area is that some bookstores will not carry or display your book is you publish with Create Space. I do a lot of driving around to independent book stores hawking my book, soon to be books.


  2. Good Evening Maureen,

    Thank you for sharing your story. In 1994, while working as Chief Investigator for a law frim, I co-authored ‘DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE’ with the iconic actors’ first wife, Ellie Janssen. We were ‘tradiotionally’ published, and we were cheated out a very substantial amount of royalties, due to our own ignorance. I self-published my debut novel, which took 13 years to write, and it is still doing well. My latest release, ‘David Janssen~Our Conversations-Volumes One and Two’ has been a long journey into the past with my friend, and is now available in Softcover and Kindle and is doing well beyond my expectations. CONGRATULATIONS to you on your marketing skills, getting book shops to carry your work.

    I look forward to reading your work soon, sharing your friendship and applauding your triumphs here on The Story Reading Ape.

    Michael Phelps

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  3. I publish the paperback versions of both my books through Feedaread and find them extremely helpful and effective. I highly recommend them. However, book stores over here in Ireland are reluctant to order from them. And to ship them here makes them quite expensive so that when I did get them into a local store, I actually made no profit at all. In fairness, Feedaread were very willing to negotiate on price and made me a good offer, but the quanity I had to order far exceeded the amount bookshops were willing to stock. I think its wonderful that your book is sitting in a shop window beside a famous author, must be a great feeling!

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