Meet Guest Author Daniel F Ward

Daniel F Ward

My Penname is Daniel F Ward, Doctor-Educator and Author of my latest eBook entitled “Memory Time Forgot”

The story begins in a time of great climate changes that has paralyzed and divided the government our principal character Milton Purdy has lost his wife and lives in Ferguson MO. a city in chaos a knock on his door from a stranger with a proposition to find something lost-a chance to change his fate and save the planet he accepts and begins a journey of adventure unaware the bargain made is to recover what the stranger lost and not save earth there are powerful forces inside and out of the government desperately seeking what was lost Purdy’s friends help him on his journey Mitty Touché, a dream pre-cog Margo an Apache card reader and her husband Tatum a Shaman-mystic; lastly Wallace the heretic earth scientist all  fates converge in area 51 aliens, psychics and government conspirators to uncover the what was lost; a ship damage in the last great cataclysm on earth our heroes repair the ship then flee to Fargo ND and meet a government in exile suspense surrounds the hidden nature of relocation camp Fargo and the alien-government connection. Fargo is a death camp controlled by billionaire Phillip Asher and evil doctor Carlyle and operates in deep cover for investigative research on humans to develop ADAPS artificially adapted persons a secret army that operates outside congressional over-site part of the Global Minds project that Asher plans for world dominance fortunately for humankind the cataclysm begins and his plan fails the final chapter that follows decides who lives or perishes in this paranormal adventure story.


“Memory Time Forgot” is a science fiction adventure story that takes place in 2025 at a time of great climate crisis on earth. It begins in

a small Saint Louis suburb named Ferguson, Missouri in crisis and civil unrest;events we are now witnessing entitled “The Memory Time Forgot.”

What is amazing to me is I wrote-copyrighted the novel several years before the events at FERGUSON MiISSOURI happened! and it describes the rise of a militarized police force

What or how did you start writing?

I started writing in high-school poetry, initially later short stories but in college my literary interest changed more into technical writing. I think this natural because I was pre-med and majoring in Chemistry. Much later when in practice I collected stories that triggered my imagination and began considering putting them on paper. The current novel is one such story; at least the characters persons-people I have known or worked with. And the story represents my imaginative spirit.

What is your writing process?

My approach is probably unconventional; what I mean I am not a writer who spends hours at the word processor on a daily basis. But when I do write; it is intense with frequent breaks to sit outside letting my mind open to the direction I am heading with the work and dreaming becomes a major part of opening my unconscious.

What is your e-reading device of choice?

A desk-top computer is my favorite reader although I have other means to read but the desk-top is my reader of choice.

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?

For e-books business cards , personal contacts and word of mouth.

Describe your desk

Small, 30 inches in length 19 inches long just enough to place a keyboard, pencil and small notebook.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I am from Missouri originally but have lived in several states where I practiced medicine and years in Central America. I returned to the university and completed a residency in Psychiatry. That lead to an interest in Carl Jung one of the founders of psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud and from Jung an interest in esoteric sciences ie: astrology, Taro cards, playing cards not mainstream science but interesting ways to look at core personalities and tribal cultures. This particular novel is about a lost memory and memory disorders have always captured my interest; There have been several members of my family who developed loss of memory; my grandmother and mother. That was a strong desire to become a doctor and write about memory recovery in the novel and also study means to recover lost memory in many of my patients.

When did you first start writing?

In high school mostly poetry not short stories or novels. In college there was little time to pursue creative writing unless you were an English major and I was not; mine was technical-scientific writing. During my professional career I wrote manuals and articles for scientific journals. My doctoral thesis was all techno babble hardly casual-relaxing reading. But later i began writing novels: much later when time permitted me a better opportunity this time it wasn’t poetry a much harder form to write and deeper; although i enjoy reading poetry and have great respect for those who write it.

My other past-times?

These include astronomy, astrology, paranormal events, UFO’s and alien abductions and poker When not traveling I reside in Oklahoma City.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Daniel F Ward

  1. Daniel, I’m an RN who worked many years with those who suffered memory loss, so I find your storyline especially intriguing. Wishing you the best of luck! Shared on FB, LI, Twitter 🙂



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