Meet Guest Author Gabrielle Dela Cruz

Hey everyone! (with a Youtube beauty guru perky tone.)

Today we’re going to talk about a story of a fifteen year old redhead, but before everything else, I just want to introduce myself to you guys.

Blanca Beauty Bar 9

My name’s Gabrielle Dela Cruz and I’ve been a copywriter before trying to write books. I was just… tired of it. Writing about knitting and the next hour, about the President of China is just too unhealthy for the brain so I applaud the copywriters out there who are able to keep their sanity.

I’m from Manila, I’m 24 and still living with my mom (Well I’m single and she doesn’t want me to go.) with my brother, a cousin, a white poodle and countless adopted cats.

I grew up in the tropics but somehow, I remain pasty. I don’t even know why I’m talking about this, I guess before I start to ramble in myriad directions I’ll start to introduce the most important thing in my life right now…

My debut novella!


It’s called “Teenage Love Spell” and it’s the first book in my annual series called “A Halloween Romance” which will be released every October. It’s about a 15 year old girl who’s constantly being bullied because of her orange (red) hair. She also happens to be a very powerful witch but she disciplines herself in not using her powers against the bullies, making only her refuge her crush in school.

It’s a light read with a heart-warming message that’s perfect for this season.

Thanks for the wonderful Story Reading Ape blog for giving me the chance to share with you my stories especially to Chris.

Here is where you can find me online.

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