Meet Guest Author Gail Winegar

Hi everyone, I’m Gail Winegar, Author of:

Reflections of a Ripple: Love in Motion

Forever… One Day at a Time

Off the Wall


Why I wrote the book (Reflections of a Ripple: Love in Motion)

When my son and his wife bought their home from an old man with a fifty-year love story, I was intrigued. For the next few years I watched from the sidelines at the miracles that surrounded them. I wanted to share with the world the ups and downs of their incredible experiences. On a personal level I have dealt with most aspects of this book.

Adoption is one of the topics I tried to explore. My husband and I adopted two of our seven children. Then we went through the agony of a teen pregnancy and the subsequent placing of our daughter’s baby to an infertile couple. Though painful and difficult, it was a grand experience. Our daughter-in-law and several of our grandchildren are adoptees as well, so I think I have it covered from most angles.

I know it sounds like a canned beauty pageant platform when I say that I wanted to write a book that would inspire, bring hope, and foster understanding. I want to make a difference with my life and writing is one of the most rewarding ways to do that.

Currently, I publish a weekly article titled, Off the Wall on my blog, I keep telling my husband that I want to write a serious piece for the blog, but he just laughs, because for some reason, I always end up being irreverent and well, Off the Wall. I am working on my third and fourth book simultaneously, because in the middle of book three, I came upon a story I couldn’t refuse.

After self-publishing my first book, Forever… One Day at a Time, I felt inadequate to publish my second. I sent queries to several publishing companies on-line. One of them paid off when I was asked by Brighton Publishing LLC to submit the first three chapters. From there, they asked for the complete manuscript. When their acquisitions committee accepted my book I was ecstatic. It was an enlightening process and I learned so much. I felt that through the publishing company, I had my own personal cheerleader to help me. The eBook version was released in August 2014 and the hardcopy is scheduled for late 2014.

About Me:

Gosh, I hate this part. I am a highly energetic person that makes people around me tired to watch. (That’s what I hear the most, and often it’s not a compliment.) Think its called ADHD. I attended college on an Art Scholarship and painting has been an important part of my life. I can probably do portraits the best, but for the last several years I have focused on large, splashy, colorful abstracts—much harder and less understood. I have a degree in master gardening and had my own landscape business for many years. I love to work in my garden and listen to a good audio book. Two birds, right? The most important part of my life is my family. I have a wonderful husband and seven children—5 homegrown and 2 store-bought. We have 21 grandchildren. I love to rappel and rock climb.

RoaRReflections of a Ripple: Love in Motion

It all started when Carlee and James bought a quaint little house from an old man with sparking green eyes. Henry was strangely vibrant, like an 80-year-old teenager in love for the first time—and in love for the first time he was. His love for Emily had begun fifty years previous, but had never diminished. Events of WWII tore the young couple apart, but Henry couldn’t let go. He kept his heart locked up along with the engagement ring he had bought for Emily.

This book follows Henry and Emily through the delights and challenges of unrequited love; and James and Carlee through infertility, the loss of their baby girl, and the roller coaster of adoption. The two couples’ lives join together unexpectedly and none of them are ever the same.

FodaatForever… One Day at a Time

Every day in a strange land is filled with culture shock, and challenges. This book is a jungle-twisting compilation of the experiences of an American Missionary in the jungles of Panama, and then in the inner city of Houston, Texas. Humorous and heart-rending, you will find yourself on a teeter-totter, first laughing out loud and then wiping the tears. No matter what your faith, or if you are not religious at all, you will relish the candid occurrences described herein. Each chapter can stand alone, or it can be read from cover to cover.


Off the Wall, by Gail Winegar on

Features a series of random, humorous articles. The following titles give an idea of how indiscriminate these pieces are: What was I Thinking! (Puppy Love); Broadband (Girl Bands); Girlie Girls (Girls with Guns); The Only Good Ancestor… (Is a dead ancestor); It’s in the Details; Backseat Driving

In six weeks since established, followers have grown to 1,680+ (hopefully growing!)

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7 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Gail Winegar

  1. Hi GAIL, It is refreshing to know that your subjects are REAL! I really look forward to reading REFLECTIONS of a RIPPLE. I am certain that will lead me to FOREVER ~ One Day At A TIME.
    Best of Success to you!

    Michael Phelps

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  2. What a beautiful post. Gail. Your subject matter in ‘Reflections of a Ripple’ is important to many of us and it is timely as well. Being the father to an adopted child I see the need. Even with all the love we, my wife and I, can give a child in this state I have found my grown child in low points of life wondering why. I will read your book and enjoy your words. I would also like to add that this is one of the very rare times I have spoke of my child as being adopted. Our child is ours in our hearts and minds and is no different from our other children. I look forward to the read.

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