Meet Guest Author Katrina Anne Jack (Kate)

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Greetings and salutations. My name is Katrina Jack, and I’m a writer of YA urban fantasy.

I’m a (fairly) ordinary woman, “mature” in years, and live with my brother and cat in an ex-council house, which I now own. Top of the list of my priorities, apart from family and friends, is my writing. Unless someone cuts off both of my hands (and maybe not even then) I will write, write, write, ‘til my last breath. Dramatic? Yes, but it’s how I feel.

I embarked on my first novel some fifteen years ago now. Up until then, I’d written short stories and magazine articles, not thinking myself capable of writing a full length book. Then one day, whilst in work, I had an epiphany. The office I worked in had large, floor to ceiling windows, out of which I could see the famous art deco Littlewoods building, on Edge Lane, in Liverpool. I began thinking what a wonderful location it would make for a story. This thought grew and developed, until it resolved itself into the plotline for Land of Midnight Days. If, perchance, you read the book, see if you recognise the Littlewoods building.

midnight 2

Initially, I wrote Midnight for my own amusement, but shortly after its completion I joined a writers group, and some of my fellow members encouraged me to take it a step further. So began the merry-go-round that is known as submissions to agents and publishers, with no success.

There was no such thing as self publishing back then, and I eventually gave up. When self publishing did become available, I decided that was the way to go. The irony is that just as I was to embark on the torturous path of formatting, etc, a friend emailed me about a new publisher on the scene, Ecanus Publishing. What the hey? I thought, let’s give it a go, and I did. The result is that instead of just one book, Midnight was originally a one off, it turned into a trilogy: Land of Midnight Days, Through the Gloaming, and the soon to be published third book, Dawn Horizon.

All three novels centre on Jeremiah Tully. He’s of mixed race, half Elwyn (or elf), half human. He is an exceptionally gifted musician, his instrument being a silver flute, gifted to him by his full blooded Elwyn mother, Sylvan. The stories follow Jeremiah on a journey to find out where his exceptional talent will lead him. The plots lead the main protagonist from the city of his birth, to the underground world of the gloaming, and culminate in him discovering things about himself, and his background, that both shock and delight him.

gloaming 1

So that’s me, a writer to the bone; to paraphrase a well known saying: “I write, therefore I am.” Of course I do have other interests, such as reading most genres, collecting owls (ornaments, not the real thing). I’m also a film buff, own a demonic cat called Meg, and I love to blog. If you’d like a snippet of what I’m about as a writer, you can visit any, or all, of these links:

My WordPress BlogMy Weebly Blog






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