You have Talent!

OH YES you DO – Yes YOU! 😀




You have talent. Yes, you do.

Pick an art, sport, trade, or career that you enjoy.

Think of the people who really excel and thrive at it.

They have talent, right?

Then look at yourself.

You may have passion. You may have hope. You may have potential.

But you may not see your own talent in that same light.

Why not?

Because you’re comparing yourself to people who have developed their talents, who were motivated to succeed, who were confident that their hard work would pay off, who continued to work hard even when the chips were down.

But you know what?

Those talented individuals have weaknesses, too.

And in the early days, their talents weren’t as obvious, since they weren’t as developed.

And their weaknesses stood out more.

Not much different than you are now.

Which is exactly what you need to realize.

You have talent.

You need…

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