Meet Guest Author Jaye Marie

Jaye Marie

Hello everyone, my name is Jaye Marie.

Most people may know me as one half of the writing partnership, Anita & Jaye Dawes, currently to be found at Jenanita Blog

I always used to think I didn’t have an ambitious bone in my body, content to potter about with my many craft hobbies. Always preferring to be in the background and invisible if at all possible.

And for the last ten years since my retirement, that’s what my life has been like. I love books and have read my way through stacks of them, so when my sister-in-law Anita needed someone to edit and type up her manuscripts, I was happy to help and that’s when I discovered my vocation.

Then one day everyone was talking about “Indie” or self-publishing. Now, I knew only too well how hard it was to be published the traditional way, so I became very excited at the prospect of being able to do it ourselves.

At first, I concentrated on publishing Anita’s books. It wasn’t quite as easy as they made it sound, but with my usual stubbornness I kept at it, learning more and more as I went along, and somewhere along the way I starting thinking about a story that had been nibbling away in the corner of my mind for months.

I tried to ignore it, but before too long, Nine Lives demanded to be written and turned out to be a Mystery/Thriller. I am reasonably pleased with the outcome, basically to be honest, because my characters took charge and practically wrote it for me!

Nine Lives was published on 1st October 2014.

Nine Lives


Nine Lives is the story of struggling and aged artist Kate Devereau’s life as she tries to make sense of her often-confusing existence. She needs to understand what has been happening to her and why she seems to have avoided death on so many occasions. To understand why she has always been plagued by the mysterious, tormenting voice in her head before it might be too late to do anything about it.

Always a bit of a loner, with a failed marriage and relationships behind her, Kate has no one she can talk to. She has a detestable brother somewhere with whom she wouldn’t discuss the weather and her agent Samantha Cameron. No one else. Not that anyone would believe even half of what she could tell them. She didn’t really believe it either, and thought she must be going mad.

Kate has been saved from death far too often for it to be a coincidence. She has her own theories as to why this is so and is convinced that the voice who constantly speaks to her has something to do with it.

The tension in this story begins to build when Kate realises that she may be running out of time and thinks she only has one life left. It becomes increasingly important to her that she finds out why she has been singled out for this seemingly special treatment she not only doesn’t need or want. What was it all for?

Nine Lives is surprisingly light hearted in the beginning, considering the subject matter, but soon becomes darker, as people she knows start to die. Will she be next? Is she finally running out of time?


Nine Lives 2

Nine Lives:2 the sequel, is currently a work in progress… characters are scribbling away, as I speak!

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