How to use spell check in Word 2007 and Word 2010

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In this article we’re going to talk about using the spell checker function in Word, including how to find it, how to use it, and when not to believe it. This article works with Word 2007 and Word 2010 – screen shots are taken from Word 2010. I have written about Word 2013 separately as it’s a bit different.

What is Spell Check?

Spell check is a function in Word that will check both the spelling and appropriate word use in your document. It’s not perfect, but it will pick up all sorts of errors and typos that you might not realise you’ve made.

Spell Check will go through your document and highlight any words that it thinks are spelled incorrectly. If it can, it will offer alternative spellings for you to choose from. You can then choose to change the word to one of its suggestions, change all instances…

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9 thoughts on “How to use spell check in Word 2007 and Word 2010

  1. As well as being right, Word 2013 gives me headaches when it argues I am wrong. I don’t understand why a word is sometimes highlighted as misspelled. If I highlight it and click ABC, the line disappears and Word changes it’s mind. Grr.


  2. I have Word 2007. I never had any problem learning how to use Spell Checker, even when I was really new to the computer. I always use it as I go along, I tailored it to my own quirks, and I turned off the Grammar Checker long, long ago because it gives you totally irrelevent and sometime laughable advice.

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