Print Books?

READERS – Author Kevin Morris needs answers – please call over to his blog and give YOUR opinion 😀

K Morris - Poet

Thus far I have published 4 collections of short stories and 1 longer work. All my books are available solely in ebook format.

For some time now I have been considering producing print versions of my books using the Print On Demand (POD) services of Createspace ( My reasons for considering POD are:

  1. Not everyone likes ebooks and the availability of my stories in exclusively electronic format means they are not reaching people who might otherwise read them.
  2. Even among ebook readers there exist many book lovers who also purchase traditional (print) titles. The availability of my stories in both formats enhances the choices of such readers.
  3. There is something attractive about the feeling of permanence of print books which, to me at least is lacking in the new kid on the block, ebooks. I, personally like having books on shelves and I am far from being alone in this…

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