Meet Guest Author Andrea Buginsky

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Hello. My name is Andrea Buginsky. I’m a freelance writer and author living with a congenital heart defect. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a kid, and decided to turn it into a career when I went to college. I earned my BA in Journalism, and have been freelance writing for several years now.

One of my big dreams was to write a book. I started out with an adult romance, but quickly learned that was not the style for me. After watching the movie The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, I decided I wanted to write fantasy for teen readers. I’ve always loved fantasy movies like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, so I decided to try my hand at writing one of my own.

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My first publication is The Chosen, a middle-grade fantasy I worked on for about three years. The second book in The Chosen series, Nature’s Unbalance, was released May 12, 2014. I’m currently editing Book 3, Striker’s Apprentice, and have begun drafting Book 4, Londonham.


My second series, New Avalon, is YA fantasy. Book 1, Destiny, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in print. I’m currently editing the second, Fate, and have a concept for the third (yet to be named).

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I also published My Open Heart, an autobiography about growing up with heart disease. My hope is that it will give encouragement to young adults growing up with heart disease, or other chronic illnesses, as well as parents of children growing up with heart disease.

I live in the Kansas City, KS area. I grew up in Florida, but am originally from NJ.

To read more about me, please visit my Website.





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