Come Back My Little Oxford

Can any of you help Kevin find a 16 volume set of the Braille edition of The Little Oxford Dictionary Of Current English?
If so – please contact him on his blog
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K Morris - Poet

We have all done things in life which we later regret. As a child (teenager) I owned a Braille edition of The Little Oxford Dictionary Of Current English. I regularly consulted the dictionary (all 16 braille volumes of it)! To ascertain the meaning of words with which I was unfamiliar. It was an invaluable resource and, in retrospect I can not, for the life of me recollect why I decided to donate The Little Oxford to The National Library For The Blind in Stockport (UK). My decision to donate was no doubt connected with the proliferation of online dictionaries (why retain a dictionary which occupies a whole bookshelf when one can ascertain the same information by logging onto Google or another internet search engine of your choosing)? However I now regret my hasty decision, and wishing to obtain an updated replacement I logged onto the Royal National Institute Of Blind…

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3 thoughts on “Come Back My Little Oxford

  1. Many thanks for the kind reblog Chris. Thanks also to Loretta for pointing me in the direction of the Amazon link. I still have on my bookcase the Fontana Dictionary Of Modern Thought. Which is also, coincidentally in 16 volumes. It is the 1977 edition and has, no doubt been replaced by a more up-to-date (print) one. I am, however hanging on to it as I’ve no intention of getting rid of the dictionary and later regretting having done so. Thanks again, Kevin

    On 9/28/14, Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog….. An Author

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