Thunderclap: A great, free tool for authors


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The other day, I had an email from award-winning author and friend, Jackie Weger. She wanted to let me know she’s releasing a new book later this month and asked me to support her campaign on a site calledThunderclap. Of course, I clicked on the link she gave me right away, where Thunderclap has listed the details of her upcoming book, ‘No Perfect Secret”. It looked like she had set a target of a 100 people to share the news of her new book on their social media accounts, all at the same time, on the release date of September 24th. Jackie has already managed to get over 80 people to sign up. This means she stands a rather good chance of getting her message out on the big day in a rather booming voice.  I was intrigued – what a genius idea! It’s like employing a…

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8 thoughts on “Thunderclap: A great, free tool for authors

  1. Hi Chris,
    What a wonderful tool! I went to the site and signed up to support this author and when I had clicked the last button, got a message that said it was an invalid email address. I’m not sure if it means mine email addy is invalid–it’s not–or if hers is. Since you seem to be really smart about the web, thought I’d get your opinion. I don’t even understand The Web for Dummies, so I’m not sure what I can do.

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