FREE Novel Writing Software – and how to use it!

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7 thoughts on “FREE Novel Writing Software – and how to use it!

  1. I’m old-fashioned…i want to do it the long painful wonderful way…what i would not mind is being able to speak into my computer and have it produce the words perfectly…perhaps there is something like this available?

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  2. I got a copy of Scrivener when somebody shared an offer and it was half prize, although despite having done some training on it, I’m yet to use (I didn’t have it installed in the computer I started writing my latest novel on and I found it easier to carry on with Word). I want to give Scrivener a try although I’m also quite advanced with my following project, and like Ali I haven’t had particular problems with Word…


  3. I looked at this package years ago when I first started writing. I downloaded a free trial, but It wasn’t for me, it over complicated the process and I felt there were too many features I would never use. I went for something else, and then found that to be compatible with uploading to Amazon it had to be converted to Word anyway. I find Word perfectly user friendly and efficient and does exactly what I want.

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