Please Do Not Spam!!!

Offending authors will be named and shamed on MY blog from now on – so BEWARE the Fangs of Fury 😀

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Sorry about this folks, but it appears that I need to repeat myself once again…

To all of those who are new to any form of ‘Social Media’, in particular blogs, there are certain rules of etiquette that must be strictly observed, particularly when offering a comment for consideration. New writers please take note – if you wish your comment to appear on my blog, or any other, never ever include a link to your book. There are lines that must never be crossed when it comes to good manners on the Internet. Doing the aforementioned breaks just about every unspoken rule of commonsense and etiquette.

I don’t do it, and neither should you!

While you may see nothing wrong in engaging in a bit of spam promotion on sites like Facebook when commenting, believe me when I tell you that what you are doing is guaranteed to turn people…

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8 thoughts on “Please Do Not Spam!!!

  1. I moderate this terrific Facebook page for book covers. And it’s for Book Covers. Period. No second chances, you put an excerpt or buy link or review or promo from your book and you are GONE! Because of this it’s one of the most popular book cover sites.

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  2. “All you have to do is engage your brain for once in your lives …” Wow talk about being condescending and superior! Makes me want to keep reading this guy’s blog. How do I sign up?


  3. I have always said that if everyone in the entire world would simply follow a very short, but clear set of rules, the world would operate so much more efficiently. Sorry you have to keep reminding people, Chris.

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  4. Oh good grief! UGH! Writers, please don’t do this on any social media. Tweeting your links is fine but not when commenting! It makes you look like an amateur and that is not a good thing. 🙂 Engage, be thoughtful and personable. Readers will remember you for your kindness rather than your links. 🙂

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