Meet Guest Author Lorraine Reguly

 Lorraine Reguly

Hi. My name is Lorraine Reguly. I’m a teacher, a writer from way back, a poet, and a freelance writer and editor, too, but now I can OFFICIALLY call myself an author, because I just published a book of short stories called Risky Issues! (I’m still on a bit of a high, so you’ll have to excuse my exuberance!)

I wrote many short stories for a creative writing course I took when I was completing the requirements necessary to obtain my high school diploma. I was 21 at the time. The stories were graded, and I received praise.

I’m double that age now, and these same stories have been buried in a box in the closet for years. When I began blogging, I was encouraged to share them with my readers, so I decided to “type them up.” Because I’m a slow typist, that was a lot of work!

I then decided to assemble them into a book. I chose the best ones for Risky Issues; ones that had a similar theme.

The stories in Risky Issues bring to light many issues faced by children, teenagers, and even adults.


The following is taken straight from my Special Note from the Author (akin to a preface or foreword) in my ebook, and includes a poem I wrote

The first story, The Secrets of the Study, is about a girl who enters her father’s study to get some blank printer paper but instead finds papers that reveal she is adopted. To compound things, her father catches her…

The second story, Pamela in the Park, is about a teenage girl who is out past curfew and is supposed to meet a temperamental drug dealer in the park to give him back some drugs she was holding for him. He doesn’t show up, but a policeman does…

The third story, The Day Adam Saw Red, is about sexual abuse. Adam, a victim, gives a speech to his class about this topic, and then goes outside to sit under an oak tree to ponder his dire situation, as his speech was a masked cry for help. He is befriended by the school custodian, who is thought to be “creepy” but who takes the time to speak to him to help solve his problem…

In the final story, My Best Friend (a bonus story) a young girl finds out that her Grandma’s dog died. She thinks of Snoopy as her own, and is devastated…

The reason I have decided to share these stories with the world is to help spread awareness about some of the issues that children, teens, and even young adults may struggle with, including – and especially – the issue of sexual abuse. I am a rape survivor. I was raped when I was a fourteen-year-old virgin by a man over twice my age. I also told no one about this experience for years, as I didn’t know who to turn to, and it wasn’t until I became an adult that I sought counselling. I also had a male friend who, as a child, was molested by his stepfather for years. Unfortunately for my friend, the outcome was quite different from the one in The Day Adam Saw Red.

It is my hope that those who are in similar situations can find the strength and the courage to speak out about their fears and experiences instead of holding their secrets inside – whatever these secrets or issues may be.

It’s tough enough being a child, but being a child with no one to speak to is even harder.

I know; I wrote the following when I was 15 years old.  

In One’s Eyes

As I search into her eyes, I see loneliness and fears.
Her face seems so empty, except for those few tears.

These tears keep on flowing, more and more from her eyes; 
she makes no sound at all, only distant, muffled cries.

She wants to express her feelings, on many a different thing, 
but she feels that if she does, only more loneliness it would bring.

She wishes that she had a friend into whom she can confide; 
an understanding, caring person who would always be by her side.

But instead, she has no one; no one to turn to in time of need.
She feels like she is trapped, and would very much like to be freed.

As I search deeper and deeper, I see more clearly into her eyes, 
because, now, the tears have stopped, and no longer are her cries.

They have disappeared, although not completely, for they continue deep down inside, 
but she now feels strong enough to regain her sense of pride.

But again her feelings weaken her and, again, I see a familiar tear.
She seems so far away from me, but yet, she seems so near.

I extend my hand to comfort her; I know I’m reaching in the right direction; 
but all I feel is the flatness of the mirror, because I am staring into my own reflection.

I first learned about self-publishing in 2013. I decided I would go that route.

In a recent interview, I explained what I did to get published (and I listed every single step to help aspiring authors).

I blog twice-weekly on Wording Well, on True Tales Tuesdays and Featured Fridays.

My official author website is Lorraine Reguly: Laying It Out There (where I also blog, and where readers can subscribe to the Author Newsletter).

You can find me also at:

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