Meet Guest Author John Klobucher – Lore of the Underlings storyteller.


Hi, I am John Klobucher, the author of many technical manuals that you’d never want to read. But I have to admit to also being to blame for Lore of the Underlings, an ill-advised epic adventure penned in thirst-quenching liquid language and poured out for your consumption in a series of tasty little episodes.

I have plans for many exciting instalments of this lyrical Lore in the years to come. For more behind-the-scenes news and nonsense, including dramatic podcasts of this series, hie thee to this bloggery

I have also been known to paint a little, including the watercolors used in the cover art for Lore of the Underlings.

I live in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA with my wife Diane, son Sam, and daughter Mia.


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The Lore Anthology (ebook)


The Lore Anthology (paperback)


Welcome to Lore of the Underlings, a trail of tales to the end of things, and maybe a bit beyond. In these first episodes of the Lore

Three brave strangers cross a wild land to find a folk hidden away, a people long turned from the light of the world yet the last hope to save the day.

The Lore Anthology includes Episodes 1 through 5 from the Lore of the Underlings series, a poetically heroic and comically apocalyptic episodic fantasy-fiction epic.

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Individual ebook episodes:

Lore of the Underlings: Episodes 1 & 2 ~ A Door to the Lore


Lore of the Underlings: Episode 3 ~ Fyryx


Lore of the Underlings: Episode 4 ~ The Letting Pen


Lore of the Underlings: Episode 5 ~ Into the Pit


Lore of the Underlings: Episode 6 ~ Meeting Minyon


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The eBooks and paperbacks are available on all major bookseller sites, including these:

Barnes & NobleSmashwords



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May the Lore be with you!



8 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author John Klobucher – Lore of the Underlings storyteller.

  1. Reblogged this on Lore of the Underlings and commented:
    Dear readers — I’m truly honored today to be profiled on the renowned author promotion blog “The Story Reading Ape”! Many thanks to Chris Graham for helping to tell my story and spread word of my epic fantasy-fiction series, “Lore of the Underlings”!
    — John K


  2. Thanks for posting my profile, Chris! You’re a true friend to the writing community.

    John Klobucher
    author of “Lore of the Underlings”


    • Hi Tina. That was the genesis of the “Lore of the Underlings” series — the joy of writing an inventive, high-fantasy epic in a truly lyrical style. It is a blast!

      Thanks for the kind thoughts.




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