Meet Guest Author Maria Matthews


Maria MatthewsHi thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit this to you:

I have self published my first romantic novel. The title is “Moving On” and it can be found on Amazon.

The reason I chose to self publish was because I realized I am one small drop in a very big ocean. There are agents out there who may like my book but they may never get to see it.

I started to blog with self publishing in mind. I already had a hundred short stories on my computer and many more in my head. I have been published in Women’s magazines and one Anthology and this fact pushed me to take one of the books I have on file for printing.

I struggled at school. I was forever daydreaming and loved watching old films.  I am not pretty, exceptionally funny or witty and can’t sing to save myself. I have tried almost every sport I can possibly try. I achieved a very mediocre result with each.  Though I do love athletics and spent some years coaching children, in a club and at schools.


My passions are simple, my family, my dogs, reading, writing, gardening and volunteering. I love taking photographs and this has helped with my blog site.

I returned to writing after I lost my job. Blogging and writing forums gave me what I lacked most: confidence and friends who felt passionate about writing.

While blogging I connected with Doris Pacheo on her site: The Terrain of Symmetry and we are currently working on a children’s book: Sandwiches and Fairycakes.

small breeze

If you would like to check out my Blog I would be delighted:

And our Childrens Website

I am on Facebook as simply: Maria Matthews

And I have recently dived into the amazing world of Twitter

I am on Goodreads and will read anything but this has led to an overflow on my kindle so I may be slow in giving a review.


opening chapter on my website




5 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Maria Matthews

  1. Wishing you lots of joy in your publishing journey. Like you, I chose self-publishing, not because I didn’t believe in my books, but because I did.



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