AUTHORS Don’t be TWITS when TWEETING and making Online ‘Friends’!

As someone who makes online contact with authors on a daily basis, there are a few things that actually IRK me (not a pretty sight), so please excuse me while I arrange this soapbox more comfortably and elaborate further.

These irk-making issues are not unique to me and have been expressed by many people – including many non-irk making authors – so unless you want to LOSE potential readers, fans and friends, you need to STOP doing the following IMMEDIATELY on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Goodreads, Shefari, Librarything, et al:

Making your first contact with the immortal words:

Get my books at ***************

LIKE my FB Page at ***************

Follow my Website / blog at ***************

And similar well meant (?), but self-centred sayings!!!!!

Think about it for a few moments – WHY did this person start Following / Liking / Send you a Friend / Connection Request?

Is it because they liked the look of your photo / avatar?

Maybe they were bored and sent out lots of random requests?

OR, could it be that they discovered that you write the type of books and stories they like and wanted to get to know you better?

How would they know this?

Because they found you online and already knew what books you’ve written and – shudder, tremble and shake – they’d actually already READ some of them????

Yes – I DO understand that you really, Really, REALLY want people to love your books (and You) – but the above ‘greetings’ are NOT going to successfully promote you or your books.

In fact, they are more likely to repulse people rather than attract them!

If you set up your online profiles properly, you don’t need to use any of the above ‘Greetings’.

For example – my Twitter profile informs everyone as follows:

Very active owner of a new (to me) authors and their books blog set up to promote Indie Authors as widely as possible – see it at:

So I don’t need to ram it down their online throats any further unless they specifically ask me for more details – however – if they click on the link provided, they’ll get all the information they could possibly need.

Having said that, many of the ‘First Contact’ authors don’t seem to bother themselves with checking out my profile BEFORE sending me their – frankly – ‘OFF PUTTING’ Greetings.

So – how can you promote yourself and your books if you stop using the above ‘ Greetings’?

Carefully word your Profile Information so that it includes the following:

What you do – AUTHOR / WRITER / POET

What your books / poems are about – GENRE

Where else you and your books can be found:


Ensure that your Website / Blog / Facebook Page displays all the links where you and your books can be found (don’t forget to show ALL Amazon country links – ONLINE means GLOBAL)

Also on your Website / Blog, provide a means for people to contact you directly by email, or, (preferably and recommended to avoid or minimise spam engine and people) a Contact Form

Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc, all have Message facilities already available.

Will this guarantee you more readers / fans / friends / sales?


But it WILL guarantee you DON’T LOSE any!

Right – That’s it – I’ve said my piece and stepping down off the soapbox now. I KNOW many of you may feel offended, outraged, go off in a huff / hissy-fit, some of you may even leave me your candid opinions in the Comments Box under this diatribe (article). But it’s been IRKING me for months – and I’M ON YOUR SIDE!

So what’s it been like for those other strangers who just wanted to reach out and touch you?

DON’T FORGET – A Stranger is just a Friend you haven’t met or got to know yet! TWEET and GREET WISELY.


Now just you listen to me - PUNK

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