Meet Guest Author Denise Buckley


My name is Denise Buckley. I live in the English Lake District, but I was born near Manchester. I have had two novels published: ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrows: The Dark Secret’ & ‘Heroes Don’t Cry.’ I have written another novel but as yet it is lying dormant as I would like to find another agent.

YTBuckley-Cover-WebWhen the last of my four children flew the nest, I found I had time to do whatever I wanted to do. I started writing when I found classes on Creative Writing in the town. When the class finished, some of us began meeting each other. We eventually rented a room where we met, had coffee, a laugh, and helped each other plus anyone who cared to join us. Some of us are now authors, and I have found it very rewarding.

Learning to use a computer, I became fascinated to find I had the world at my fingertips. I could do my research at home in comfort without having to face the weather.

I have worked at many places. Anything that would fit in with the children, and they have all done well in their chosen professions.

How I wish I had started writing sooner.


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6 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Denise Buckley

  1. If it’s any consolation, I started trying to write in earnest at 33 (although I worked in Mar/coms so I did it for a living before that) and I too, wish I’d started sooner. Maybe it’s a common with to all of us. Although, that said, what makes your writing good is the sum of your experience, I think, and that’s something that doesn’t come until later unless you’re a very old soul. 🙂

    Good to meet you. Thanks for dropping by Chris’ blog to say hello.




  2. What a lovely lot of people you are, and especially you Chris for giving me the opportunity of being here. Thank you for your comments. Don’t tell anyone but I’m 77years old, and that’s why I wished I’d started earlier, as I published my first book when I was 75.


  3. You’re an inspiration, Denise. Photographer Imogen Cunningham didn’t achieve notoriety until her 70s. It’s never, never too late to be prolific. You’re already well on your way. And consider this: If you’d started writer earlier in life, your work would have been devoid of the polish and wisdom your life experiences have brought to your writing today. I believe everything happens for a reason; you are (and were) exactly where you are (and were) meant to be. I have some of the same regrets as you, and I’ve only recently come full circle to the realization that the sky’s the limit and the only thing holding me back is my own mind. Energy follows thought. And it’s time we become master of those thoughts so that we’re generating the positive energy needed to manifest our dreams. Let’s rock the world, sister! And let’s start with our little corner of it. I’ve shared your post on FB, LI, Twitter. Wishing you all the best!


  4. Being a late starter to writing, I too wish I’d started earlier and found the joy I get from making people laugh much earlier.
    Since I stopped writing and concentrated more on blogging I have a whole new world of satisfaction in connecting with so many other wonderful people worldwide and vicariously enjoying all the things they get up to.
    Best of luck with finding a new agent for the third novel.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx



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