The Writing Process – What Next?

Great advice from author Ailsa Abraham 😀


The Bingergread Cottage

Jeff 1I’ve been tagged by my good mate Jeff Gardiner to pick up the baton on the topic of “ My Writing Process”. As I’ve already covered this in an earlier blog post, I’d like to take it a stage further and talk about “so you finished, huh?”

If you are a first-time author, having typed “The End” and done more editing than you ever thought possible, bribing, forcing and threatening your friends and family to proofread, you then look for a publisher.

Hint here – should your friends and family be completely dyslexic or illiterate, upload your m/s onto your e-book reader. I find it very much easier then to read as if it’s someone else’s work and the errors leap off the screen, shouting at you.

So you have a publisher? Wow! Great! Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Now the really hard slog begins because

a) you will…

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