Experiment Successful – a VERY short story by Chris Graham

The following is transcribed from a recording of an interview between Doctor Malcomson, Head of Psychiatry and Professor Grant, Head of Covert Operations Research (C.O.R) shortly after the mentioned experiment.

At first I was elated, the formula was correct, the chemicals were in the exact amounts determined by my secret calculations, the mixture hadn’t killed me when I drank every last drop of it, the atoms of my body mutated into a transparent state and the experiment had worked.

I was now invisible to everyone!

As I was fading from sight, I could hear the applause and shouts of “Congratulations Professor” from my team of co-workers and the Military Leaders who had financed the work.

But I discovered that invisibility had a major problem.

I had forgotten that we see things because light photons reflect off the back of our eyeballs.

My eyeballs were now transparent, so the photons just passed straight through the back of my eyes!

Just as I was invisible to everyone else, they, the room we were in, the floor, ceiling, walls, sky, ground and the entire universe, were all invisible to ME!

It is MORE than just DARK.


To make matters worse, if that’s possible, in my haste to impress everyone, I kept all my notes and calculations in my head instead of  writing them down, for fear someone else would find and use them to beat me to the result, plus, I have not made an antidote.

I am doomed to stay this way until I die.

Professor Grant has not been seen, or heard from, since the interview.

This story is copyright protected Ⓒ 2014 to Chris Graham

aka The Story Reading Ape

Any resemblance to actual living (or deceased) people is purely coincidental



38 thoughts on “Experiment Successful – a VERY short story by Chris Graham

  1. Oh my! This one deserves a follow-up.
    I didn’t know you had made a place to post your collected stories, Chris. I’m glad you put a link on the lovely “Lettuce” story today.
    Break over; back to work again. Mega hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a neat little piece! Even worse than Jekyll and Hyde! He sure didn’t think things through before he acted, did he? I wonder how he ate! Would people see the food going into his mouth, passing through the esophagus, and being digested? And I won’t even mention what might happen at the other end! Also, people ought to be able to see his clothes! LOL


  3. Loved it. Wondered since The Invisible Man from way back if anyone worried how he could see. So what happens now? He can’t see nor move around, can’t eat, sleep… What’s left. Excuse the giggles. The poor guy turns to dust?



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