Meet Guest Author K. Lane Pendarvis


K. Lane Pendarvis 01My name is K. Lane Pendarvis. My mentor and inspiration is John Grisham first and foremost who is the author of many popular titles such as “A Time to Kill”,“The Chamber”, “The Pelican Brief”, and a ton of others. The second is J. R. R. Tolkien, author of “The Lord of the Ring” series as you may recall. Both authors have aided in shaping my style, and I have formulated my own writing style based on what they would approve or disapprove of what qualifies being the right direction. As the years progressed, I’ve continued to write numerous things following their lead in drama and mysticism, although none were ever completed works until these books that I am presently promoting, the “Secrets of Their Shadowed” series which are the most unusual history books you will ever read in your entire life. I would love to take the credit saying that, but graciously that is said from other reader’s critiques and not my own.

I began this project ten years ago when my mother became ill from two major strokes and soon acquired the Alzheimer’s disease. This was my inspiration. I knew that in her condition, she would not have long to live. I also knew I did not have much money to make her final days comfortable, so I began to write “Secrets of Their Shadowed Hearts” for the purpose of raising the capitol needed to ease her final days. It was meant to be my greatest work, that and the sequel that followed, “Secrets of Their Shadowed Souls – The Road to Warrior”. With the help of God, I was able to complete the series; unfortunately not before she passed away five years prior to it being finished. Nevertheless, these books are dedicated to her totally.

My other interests and hobbies are book clubs and video games. Love video games.

Secrets of Their Shadowed Hearts

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Politics, Religious -Fiction, Romance

Book Rating: R

Contains: Some Violence -With Gore; Sensual Sex Scenes with Some Details; Allowed on TV Swearing; No Drug Use

SotSHIntegrity is on the line if any existed during this era of the early 1800s where we have Barry Alexander Pierce—an ancestor to former president of the United States Franklin Pierce—caught between a world of definite reality and newly found goodness, something he so believed was only suited for those who are Caucasian. Fate has hence tied to his hip a quandary of substance. This quandary he believes speaks lies and means to be his decimation.

From Barry’s point of view as the Master of his plantation and his brother Thomas who is the head overseer, the ‘Manager’ of his brother’s agricultural estate, we embark on an adventure that was meant to comment on love, the ties of family, and the very meaning of being human.

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Secrets of Their Shadowed Souls – The Road to Warrior

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Politics, Religious -Fiction, Romance

Book Rating: R

Contains: Some Violence -With Gore; Sensual Sex Scenes with Some Details; Allowed on TV Swearing; No Drug Use

SotSSWe learn more about the brothers as this impassioned tale continues; more lies, more dark secrets as both Barry and Thomas embark on an incredible adventure. One brother makes a crucial sacrifice by doing all that he can to protect the one he loves, while the other brother seeks revenge and aims to complete – beyond his dying breath – his unfinished business, an act which he deems the fault for him losing his life. With the help of friends, Barry willingly does what it takes to become the ultimate shield against evil which is his enemy for all eternity. In the process, his true love Kaylin remains on Earth trapped on the road to freedom. Having sought refuge in the Underground Railroad, an organization that Barry has considered ‘daring’, she is regrettably caught in between the brothers’ rivalries.

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